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Loft teenage bedroom

Manufacturer TUMIDEI

Tiramolla Collection
Composing to the infinity without limits this is our philosophy base for the TIRAMOLLA project. Through a structure of tubes and aluminium moulds, all your fantastic space mounts as a game, freeing the fantasy with the use of 32 colors, 5 melamines, 10 colors of metal and 6 colors of methacrylates, constructing closets under the beds, the beds over the closets, the bureaus under the beds or over the closets. You can have fun to decorate with an unique personalisation furnitures and the walls of your space through the application of “stickers” self-sticking white , silver, red, blue with original and pleasant shapes.
A project up to date with times and keeping up with today’s active youngsters, with desire for discovery, novelty, and the curiosity to travel to meet new people and discover different cultures. The collection is characterised by free, personalized, creative compositions, suitable to the needs of all ages. Therefore, fantasy is let loose, beds above wardrobes, pull-in beds, wardrobes under the beds, doors and walls of bookcases decorated with fabrics and digital prints, materials and colours able to create a home with different styles, from vintage, to shabby, modern and contemporary. A mix of atmospheres created to confer colour, taste and an endless sense of freedom to today’s youngsters.

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Loft teenage bedroom TIRAMOLLA 915 - TUMIDEI

Loft teenage bedroom TIRAMOLLA 915 - TUMIDEI
Loft teenage bedroom TIRAMOLLA 915 - TUMIDEI

Loft teenage bedroom TIRAMOLLA 915 - TUMIDEI
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Stylish Teens Loft Bedrooms
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