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CL1 | Floor lamp

LED stainless steel Floor lamp

Manufacturer FueraDentro

Cima lounge Collection
The most notable characteristics of the Cima Lounge collection, introduced in 2008, are the minimalistic design, the rectangular shape of the stainless steel frame with the seemingly floating seatings and tabletops in the stainless steel frames. Despite the robust frame, this contemporary design has a very spatial appearance. The seats are carried out in Batyline®, and the tabletops are made of glass. For a corrosive environment an electropolishing treatment of the item's frame is optional.Effortless enjoyment can be enhanced with coordinating cushions in both fabric and synthetic leather and can match the base seat colour options of white, black and natural cendre. The various components of the Cima Lounge-set can be combined modularly to create personal arrangements. All elements used in any combination still produce the sleek minimalist lines which are visually striking and extremely comfortable. This allows the CIMA Lounge collection to be crafted to your own individual style and optimise your personal visual and physical ideals.

The lamp CL1 is an extension of the Cima Lounge collection, notable for its minimalistic design and rectangular shapes. The stainless steel lamp is available in all the Cima finishes including brushed, EP and powder coated. It is designed to be placed next to a wall enabling its LED light on the back to project and light up your garden. This tall and thin lamp fits elegantly in any garden.

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LED stainless steel Floor lamp CL1 | Floor lamp - FueraDentro

LED stainless steel Floor lamp CL1 | Floor lamp - FueraDentro
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