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Manufacturer GEL

Desabb clarifiers are used to remove water turbidity. The impurities accumulated by the filter media shall be periodically removed with a backwash. The backwash frequency can be programmed by time. The system is to be sized according to the flow rate required by the user and to the turbidity level of the water to be treated.
Desabb units are made up of:
• head with hydropneumatic valve in plastic material and electronic timer ET 500 F
• cylinder in plastic material covered in fibreglass containing a multilayered filter bed with different grain sizes.
If turbidity exceeds 10 mg/l of SiO2, it is necessary to install a flocculant dosing system before the Desabb.
Clarifier DESABB - GEL

Clarifier DESABB - GEL
Clarifier DESABB - GEL

Clarifier DESABB - GEL
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