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Cement sheet reinforced with fibres

Manufacturer Gyps

Duraboard® Series
DURABOARD® and DURABOARD®LIGHT are useful in drywall construction of vertical and horizontal elements and decorative elements in relief, both indoors and outdoors.
Installation is simple and similar to the system of plasterboard sheets.

DURABOARD® is a cement sheet reinforced with fibres. DURABOARD® sheet surfaces are smoothed and finished and the edges are perfectly square. The homogeneous mixture throughout the thickness of the panel makes the DURABOARD® sheet extremely rigid and resistant and retains these properties even when subjected to incisions up to 40% of its thickness. Its compact size allows precision cuts, without crumbling. DURABOARD® is a sheet with excellent mechanical resistance, particularly suitable for:
- walls or facades with high thermal and mechanical stress.
- walls or linings with high shock resistance: schools, hospitals, gyms, industrial buildings.
- radiator covers, ventilation grilles, pilasters, decorative elements with engraved designs, shaped inserts for facades of any shape and size.
- architectural details and motifs.
- dry and floating floors.

Duraboard - Fibre-cement sheet 1200x2000 mm, 12.5 mm thick. Duraboard.13.200

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 - Lightweight cement sheet DURABOARD® LIGHT - Gyps Lightweight cement sheet DURABOARD® LIGHT is a cement sheet made lighter with wood fibres and lined with fibre-glass netting; it is about 13 mm thick and is lightweight, durable and easy to work with.
The wood pellets, obtained through a recycling process, ensures the reduced weight, which is an advantage when working with it. It can be cut with ease using a cutter and is easy to handle and move, thanks to its low weight.
Duraboard® Light has a smooth and a rough side. The smooth side goes against the frame and is therefore out of sight. The rough side helps and improves the adhesion of glue and fibreglass insulation net. Screw heads remain above the rough exterior so as not to break the sheet and to create some additional anchoring points for mortar.

Duraboard Light - Lighter Fibre-cement sheet 1200x2400 mm, 12.5 mm thick. Duraboard LIGHT.13.240

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Cement sheet reinforced with fibres DURABOARD® - Gyps

Cement sheet reinforced with fibres DURABOARD® - Gyps
Cement sheet reinforced with fibres DURABOARD® - Gyps

Cement sheet reinforced with fibres DURABOARD® - Gyps
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