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5463 | DIRTMAG® Defangatore magnetico

Accessory for HVAC system

Manufacturer CALEFFI

Dirtmag® Series
In air conditioning systems, the circulation of water containing impurities may result in rapid wear and damage to circuit components such as pumps and control valves. It also causes blockages in heat exchangers, heating elements and pipes, resulting in lower thermal efficiency of the system. The DIRTMAG® dirt separator separates off these impurities, which are mainly made up of particles of sand and rust, but even more importantly, it is highly effective in attracting ferrous impurities. The impurities are collected in a large collection chamber that requires low frequency cleaning procedures, from which they can be removed even while the system is in operation. • High level of capturing ferrous particles by means of neodymium magnetic inserts contained in a easily removable external band. • Improved capture of non-ferrous contaminants as a result of ferrous particle drag. • Extremely quick and easy cleaning thanks to the magnetic band, removable from outside,  and to a wider drain cock. • The insulation supplied as standard, specifically designed not to interfere with cleaning procedures, makes them suitable for any type of system, assuring low heat loss and adequate anti-condensation protection.

5463 DIRTMAG® - Dirt separator with magnet. Brass body.

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Two inspectable strainers with stainless steel mesh:
1 for initial cleaning (blue colour) already installed,
1 for maintenance (grey colour)
to be bought separately.
Shut-off valve with nut, brass body.
Adjustable for horizontal, vertical or 45° pipes.
Female connections.
Drain cock with hose connection.
Max. working pressure: 3 bar.
Temperature range: 0–90°C.

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Accessory for HVAC system 5463 | DIRTMAG® Defangatore magnetico - CALEFFI

Accessory for HVAC system 5463 | DIRTMAG® Defangatore magnetico - CALEFFI
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