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Lutindzi grass baskets


Africa Collection
DANYÉ launches the New Collection, created and developed together with the partners of DANYÉ in Africa.

Inspired by the colours of the earth,
Inspired by the artisans’ life,
Inspired by the nature
... inspired by Africa 

The trips to Swaziland and South Africa have been showing different natural colours, as the green forest, the grey stone, the beige of the reeds ... and a particular ochre colour of the earth, very connected to the life of the people there, of the artisans.

These colours have been also the inspiration of the newDANYÉ’s linen cushions.

The shapes of the nature become also a source of inspiration for the new leaf-baskets, nesting baskets, the big gourd baskets, and for the new lamps Cabbage tree, inspired by this typical tree from Sub- Saharan Africa.

A special mention is due to the new Canopy lamp. This lamp represents the Acacia tree, an indigenous tree from the south of Swaziland, the Lavumisa region. The Gone Rural weavers from this region work with DANYÉ since 2006, and they are the producers of our Lavumisa baskets and The Song of the Weaver collection. The Acacia tree is the place where women meet and talk about their problems and their life, where they work, where they sell and buy among them. We have met them last spring to share our experiences, to tell them about the great success of the collection, and to talk about our work together, the past and the future. 

Leaf baskets. Lutindzi grass
30 cm.
40 cm. 
Lutindzi grass baskets FEUILLE - DANYÉ DECORACIÓN

Lutindzi grass baskets FEUILLE - DANYÉ DECORACIÓN
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