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Manufacturer Driade

Megara Collection
An exercise in style, refinement and essentiality, the Megara sofa comes with suede, fabric and leather covers and features a round backrest that smoothly flows into the armrest and creates a refined detail just before meeting the seat: almost a cushion sinking into the backrest. A terminal element, a day-bed, an ottoman and a coffee table complete the set to convey an idea of ful and timeless elegance. It is conceived for lovers of classic sofas who do not want to miss out on Driade’s original taste.

Four–seater, three-seater sofa, three-seater left and right element, left and right day-bed and pouf. Upholstered elements with wooden structure and metal inserts, goose feather and different densities polyurethane foams padding. Velvet, fabric or leather removable cover.

W. 98 / 38,5"
D. 98 / 38,5"
H. 41 / 16,1"

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Pouf MEGARA - Driade

Pouf MEGARA - Driade
Pouf MEGARA - Driade

Pouf MEGARA - Driade
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