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Manufacturer CAMPISA

Sectional doors Collection
The CAMPISA-COOL sectional overhead door is lifted by the hydraulic  Fidelity mechanism that eliminates the balancing springs, and consequently all periodical maintenance changes in a simple inspection. The Fidelity system grants that the whole weight of the door leaf is in contact by the gravity force, without any balancing. This natural force allows a contemporary compression of the whole door when closing, against the perimeter sealings and the bottom astragal, assuring in this way the minimization of the calories losses. The thickness of the door panels, increased to 80 mm, grant for a higher reduction of the calories losses, particularly important when the "delta" between inside and outside temperature increases. In case of a loading bay, the door closes on the outside of the dock leveller, with the bottom panel of the same with of the leveller pit, where it seals.
The CAMPISA COOL performances are those of limited the thermal losses, that are visible with the thermal pictures. 
Threephased feeding 230-400V, 50/60 Hz, 0,75-1,1kW.
Sectional door COOL - CAMPISA

Sectional door COOL - CAMPISA
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