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LED aluminium Track-Light

Manufacturer Milan Iluminación

design by
Besson Collection
 Besson.  This elegant spotlight, with very smooth lines and two identical heads joined by an integral ball-and-socket joint, incorporates a new 175 mA, 4.5 W LED by Bridgelux with a luminous efficacy of 570 lumens each. The reflector has an aperture angle of 47 degrees.
The series is made entirely from injected aluminium with a matte white lacquer finish.
Its innovation lies in the use of the latest generation of LEDs to appear on the market. As it operates with only 175 mA, it offers greater heat dissipation and is far longer-lasting.
It uses a 350 mA trailing edge dimming driver connected in parallel.
The single-head model used an LED from the same family that operates at 350 mA with 6.6 W power and 600 lumen output

BESSONS / 6434 is spotlight by Jordi Jané
BL  Ø90 H45 S177
1 x Led 6,6 W. 350 mA 600 Lumens | 6,6 W. | 600 lumens x1 350 mA | 3000 K | 80 Ra | | EEI: A+


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 - LED aluminium Track-Light 6434 - Milan Iluminación LED aluminium Track-Light BESSONS / 6428 is a spotlight by Jordi Jané
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LED aluminium Track-Light BESSONS 6434 - Milan Iluminación

LED aluminium Track-Light BESSONS 6434 - Milan Iluminación
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