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Personal protective equipment

Manufacturer SOMAIN ITALIA

Fall arrest lanyards connect the operator harness to the fall arrest device or the anchor point. Like other PPE, you must know what type of operations must be performed in order to choose the right product. There are, various types of lanyards to choose from: single, double, rope, elastic, adjustable and positioning lanyards. All lanyards are equipped with connectors and are certified in accordance with regulations in force.
The main differences between the various products are their length (1 or 2 metres), their material (metal, hemp, lanyard or webbing and elastic), the connector opening (from 18 mm to 60 mm) and for what kind of use they have been certified.

Fall arrest.
In compliance with EN 354 and EN355. Lanyard equipped with energy absorber and designed for use in places exposed to risks of falls from heights.
Some models can also be usedat high temperatures and others, given their composition, can be used on sharp edges.

In compliance with EN 358. Adjustable lanyards to be used solely for positioning works.

In compliance with EN 354. Lanyards without energy absorbers are solely for restraint, therefore in works without any risks of falls from heights.



Personal protective equipment Lanyards - SOMAIN ITALIA

Personal protective equipment Lanyards - SOMAIN ITALIA
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