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Waterproof polyethylene membrane


PROFOIL is a blue waterproof 0.5mm thick polyethylene membrane laminated with synthetic felt fabric that secures it with the adhesive sealant. It is particularly recommended for waterproofing floors and surfaces in moist environments, such as shower cubicles, laundry rooms, and Turkish bath cabins covered with ceramic and/or mosaic, to prevent transmission of moisture and water. PROFOIL is also an elastic membrane that can withstand small movements that may occur between the substrate and the floor/covering. It is easy to lay simultaneously with the flooring/covering, using normal tile sealant. 


Waterproof polyethylene membrane PROFOIL - PROGRESS PROFILES

Waterproof polyethylene membrane PROFOIL - PROGRESS PROFILES
CERSAIE 2016 | Progress Profiles - Dennis Bordin
Progress Profiles - Cersaie 2013
Progress Profiles - Cersaie 2012
Progress Profiles - Cersaie 2011
Progress Profiles - Madexpo 2011
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