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FEKA 600

Drainage pump

Manufacturer Dab Pumps

The submersible pump of the FEKA series is suitable for lifting sewage water from cesspools, and is capable of handling suspended solid matter with size up to 25 mm.
The level switch allows fixed installation, ensuring automatic operation. Version with special stainless steel pump shaft also available (SV).

Version with special stainless steel pump shaft also available.
Operating range:
from 1 to 16 m3/h with head up to 7,45 metres.
Liquid temperature range:
from 0 °C to +35 °C for domestic use.
Pumped liquid: cesspool sewage water.
Particle size for free passage of solids through the suction grid:
FEKA 600 25 mm
Minimum draught depth:
FEKA 600 A 175 mm
FEKA 600 NA 38 mm
Max. immersion depth: 7 metres.
Maximum dry run time: 1 minute.
Protection class: IP 68.
Insulation class: F.

Hydro resistant technopolymer pump body, cover, and suction grid. Stainless steel motor, roto shaft, and bolts and screws.
Threefold seal with interposed rings with oil pre-chamber. 

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Drainage pump FEKA 600 - Dab Pumps

Drainage pump FEKA 600 - Dab Pumps
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