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GRINDER 1400/1800

Sewage and waste water for small discharge pipes

Manufacturer Dab Pumps

Cast-iron centrifugal submersible pump with grinder, suitable for lifting and decanting dirty waste civil and industrial water. Thanks to the grinding system, the matter found in the sewage (organic waste, textiles, rubber, etc.), is ground, enabling the lifting of the liquid without the risk of clogging or obstruction in the delivery piping.

Operating range: from 2 to 9 m3/h with head up to 24,5 m for the
single-phase version, and 26,5 m for the three-phase version.
Pumped liquid: grey waste water, rough loaded water containing solid matter and/or long fibre, non aggressive.
Liquid temperature range: from 0 °C to +55 °C
Maximum ambient temperature for operation with motor above
water: +40 °C
Max. immersion depth: 7 metres.
Protection class: IP68
Insulation class: F
Standard voltage: 220-240 V - 50Hz single-phase.
380-415 V - 50Hz three-phase.
Power cable: H07RN-F, 10 metres.
Installation: fixed or portable, vertical position.

Cast-iron pump body, motor casing and suction cover. High resistance cast-iron ring impeller. Microcast tempered steel grinder to ensure strength and durability. Stainless steel rotor shaft, handle, and bolts and screws. Inspectable oil seal chamber. Silicon carbide mechanical seal. GAS threaded 2" radial
delivery port, to facilitate the installation of lifting devices (DSD 2).

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Sewage and waste water for small discharge pipes GRINDER 1400/1800 - Dab Pumps

Sewage and waste water for small discharge pipes GRINDER 1400/1800 - Dab Pumps
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