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FEKA 8000

Phyto-purification system

Manufacturer Dab Pumps

Submersible electric pump for civil and industrial drain water compatible with the pump materials. Suitable for lifting or decanting loaded cesspool water, sewage water in systems with grids from cesspools, meteoric water, or dirty water in general, containing solid non-filamentous matter with diameter up to 80 mm.

Type of compeller: Three-channel, closed.
Free passage: 80 mm.
Nominal power: 8 to 19 kW.
Delivery: DN 200.
Operating range:
from 24 to 780 m3/h with head up to 17 metres.
Pumped liquid: loaded water, generally for use in civil or industrial sewage systems with grids, compatibly with the construction materials.
PH of the liquid: 6 to 11.
Liquid temperature range: from 0° to +40 °C.
Maximum installation depth: 20 metres (with cable of appropriate length).
Installation:fixed using a coupling device, or free in the vertical position. Continuous duty with completely submerged pump.
Supplied with: UNI 1092 PN 16 flange and base for free installation. 

Three-channel impeller with rotating and fixed wear ring on the diffuser.
Flanged delivery port, EN 1092-1, DN 200 PN 16.
Double SiC/SiC mechanical seal in oil chamber on the motor side, Carbon/Steel mechanical seal on the pump side.

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Phyto-purification system FEKA 8000 - Dab Pumps

Phyto-purification system FEKA 8000 - Dab Pumps
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