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UTNRD Micro 30-50

Heat recovery unit / Dehumidifier

Manufacturer Rhoss

Fresh air and dehumidification terminal units.

Construction features
• Recovery unit: very high yield (>90%), static type, made of polypropylene with opposing air flows to treat outdoor fresh air.
• Fans: fresh and expulsion air plenum fan Brushless type with electronic motor and modulating control. Very high efficiency and low noise levels compliant with Erp 2015.
• Structure: self-bearing in hot galvanised sheet steel. Panelling is made of double-walled sandwich with internal galvanised finish and painted externally. The insulation of the panels consists of high-performance 20-mm thick insulation.
• Filtering section: consisting of two filters (one on the fresh air intake and one on the air return), both highly efficient in class F7 and one on the recirculation air in class G2 with highly contained pressure drops. All filters are easily removed from the bottom.
• Air handling section: the unit can be equipped with a cooling circuit for dehumidification or the integration of cooling and heating. The various configurations allow you to select the desired type of air handling between dehumidification alone or dehumidification with cooling and heating of the primary air.
• Cooling circuit: made of braze-welded copper, complete with a high efficiency compressor, dryer filter, aluminium copper exchange coils, water plate heat exchanger (DC version), solenoid valves, expansion valve, high and low pressure switch liquid receiver and thermal insulation of the pipes. Refrigerant R134a.
• Electrical panel and adjustment: on the machine with microprocessor and specific regulation. Fan control, display of the temperature sensors inside the machine, timer dirty filter control and control of the fresh and recirculation air. Large graphical interface with multi-language user menu and configuration menu.
Set-up for MODBUS RTU RS 485 communication with several different supervisory systems.

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Heat recovery unit / Dehumidifier UTNRD Micro 30-50 - Rhoss

Heat recovery unit / Dehumidifier UTNRD Micro 30-50 - Rhoss
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