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3 NKV AD 10-15

Grey water unit

Manufacturer Dab Pumps

Booster sets specifically suitable for civil or industrial use, irrigation systems and washing installations. These units are acclaimed for their supreme reliability, simplicity of operation and minimal maintenance requirements.

Construction features - components
3 NKV 10-15 type multistage vertical centrifugal electric pumps
Skid in galvanized sheet steel
Suction and discharge manifolds in galvanized steel (stainless steel on request)
Ball valves with union on suction and discharge ports of each pump
Check valves on discharge ports of each pump
2 plugs or blank flanges in galvanized steel for closing manifolds
Radial pressure gauge with isolator valve
1 8 litre membrane pressure tank
Electrical section
1 Active Driver module on the discharge line of each pump (see Active Driver information at the beginning of this heading)
1 protection control unit”.

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Grey water unit 3 NKV AD 10-15 - Dab Pumps

Grey water unit 3 NKV AD 10-15 - Dab Pumps
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