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1/2/3 NKP-G/ 1/2/3 K

Set with centrifugal pumps k-nkp

Manufacturer Dab Pumps

Industrial sets have been designed and produced to meet the needs of the modern engineering solutions of civil or industrial systems. The use of standardised centrifugal electric pumps and/or double impeller centrifugal pumps guarantees a high power/performance ratio. The applications of industrial groups cover the most varied sectors: Industry, Hotels, Water pipelines, Irrigation, Residential buildings, Spas. The fundamental concept that has driven our Engineers in developing these pumps sets, was to offer a simple to use, flexible, and extremely reliable product.

Line voltage: 400V three phase.
Voltage of electric pump: 400V three phase.
Power frequency: 50-60 Hz.
Installation: vertical only.
Operating range: from 4 to 720 m3/h.
Pumped liquid temperature range: from -15 °C to + 70 °C (max 40
°C for the version with jockey pump).
Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C.
Max pressure: 10bar.
Pumped liquid: clean, free of solids.
Protection class: IP55
IE2 motors as standard from 0,75 kW to 5,5 kW - IE3 ≥ 7,5 kW. 

Galvanised steel base supporting all the main pumps, complete with floor anchoring holes. Jockey pump galvanised steel base, fastened to the base of the main pumps. Control panel support frame fastened on the pump base.
Galvanised steel suction and delivery manifolds, sized for the total flow rate of the set, complete with blind flange (anti-vibration coupling available as optional).
No. 1 isolator valve on the suction of each main pump.
No. 1 diverter adaptor, no. 1 check valve, no. 1 isolator valve on the delivery of each main pump.
No. 1 20 litre 16 bar membrane expansion vessel for each main electric pump.
No. 1 4-20 mA pressure transmitter and manometer on the delivery manifold of the set.
No. 1 jockey electric pump connected to the suction* and delivery manifolds and complete with suction and delivery isolator valves and delivery check valve.
* 1 main pump sets are supplied without suction manifold.

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Set with centrifugal pumps k-nkp 1/2/3 NKP-G/ 1/2/3 K - Dab Pumps

Set with centrifugal pumps k-nkp 1/2/3 NKP-G/ 1/2/3 K - Dab Pumps
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