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CLEAR | Semi-inset washbasin

Semi-inset ceramic washbasin

Manufacturer Olympia Ceramica

Clear Collection
The new range “Clear” is simple, linear, essential and it represents the Olympia answer to the demands of the actual trends of design.
“Clear” is characterised by soft volumes and contained dimensions. Its simplicity and elegance are proclaimed by the copious basin of the washbasin, that can be placed on a sober ceramic top or a thin and harmonious pedestal.
The soft and wrapping volumes of the “Clear” wash basins have a stylistic grace, that represents aesthetic timeless principle. They are available in four different sizes -750x450 mm, 650x450 mm, 550x450 mm, 450x350 mm. In order to allow a collocation in every kind of place, offering the possibility to have an elegant bathroom even in a small space.
The designer of the “Clear” style is articulated in different versions - Back to wall - Water Closet - Wall hung  offering a variety of combining for furnishing solutions that satisfy specific needs, matching functionality and style.


CLEAR semirecessed washbasin, one hole, cm 56x43x16. 


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Semi-inset ceramic washbasin CLEAR | Semi-inset washbasin - Olympia Ceramica

Semi-inset ceramic washbasin CLEAR | Semi-inset washbasin - Olympia Ceramica
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