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Glass pendant lamp

Manufacturer Hind Rabii

design by
Belle D'I Collection
For this collection, Hind Rabii and Luc Vincent drew their inspiration from the characteristic shape of Marocco’s traditional Beldi glass for tea and infusions, featuring a central multi-colour band in relief. The simple, clean lines of the pendant are contrasted with the material quality of the glass, obtained by means of blow-moulding techniques and featuring a decorative band made of coloured glass or of metal, or the addition of a fabric or metal shade inside.
A timeless lamp: stylish and original, it blends perfectly into any environment, whether classic or contemporary, to create a warm, evocative atmosphere.
Choice of four versions:
- Belle d’I Tech is the iconic version featuring a copper or chrome finished metal reflector visible inside a glass shade. The combination of glass and metal gives this model a special high-tech quality.
- Belle d’I Chic, a mix of colours and highly sophisticated finishes endows this version with elegance and refinement: the central decorative band is made of gold-, silver-, nickel- or copper-finished glass, and the cone shaped shade is available in different colours - clear, white, grey or black - to create stylish combinations.
- Belle d’I Plissé proposes an encounter between glass and fabric in four colour & decor variants, endowing the pendant with a romantic touch.
- Belle d’I Color brings to mind the shapes and colours of the works by Mark Rothko, an American abstract expressionist painter of the 20th century. From grey to blue, from white to clear, from blue to clear, with a central orange band, the glass expresses its unique versatility.

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 - Glass pendant lamp BELLE D’I TECH - Hind Rabii Glass pendant lamp There’s no mistaking the fact that REFLECTOR has been elegantly integrated into BELLE D’I. This metallic or silver origami creates a directed light that can be adapted to different requirements – your requirements.
The play of materials and reflected light are enhanced by the BELLE D’I design
 - Glass pendant lamp BELLE D'I COLOR - Hind Rabii Glass pendant lamp Tribute to ROTHKO and colours of MOROCCO
An ORANGE band to highlight the size and colours or interlaced transparent features at the top and/or below/above.
- Smoked blue and grey
- Dark aubergine and transparent
- Smoked grey and transparent
- transparent and transparent
 - Glass pendant lamp BELLE D’I CHIC - Hind Rabii Glass pendant lamp A graphic play of GOLD, TRANSPARENT, WHITE, BLACK, SILVER, very CHIC BELLE D’I
A GOLD band for the year 2015
- GOLD band / transparent bottom/ white transparent top
- GOLD band / silver bottom/transparent top
- GOLD band / silver bottom/silver top
- GOLD band / transparent bottom/transparent top
- GOLD band / black bottom/white transparent top
 - Glass pendant lamp BELLE D’I - LES PLISSÉS - Hind Rabii Glass pendant lamp A tribute to sensual femininity that offers BELLE d’I the opportunity of self-protection.
A glass shell that could be made of icing sugar.
Printed pleats that resound with floral emotions and tender colours and a hint of the past.
Delicate emotions and sensitive, gentle lights.
 - Glass pendant lamp BELLE D'I 20 CHIC - Hind Rabii Glass pendant lamp
 - Glass pendant lamp BELLE D'I 20 TECH - Hind Rabii Glass pendant lamp

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Glass pendant lamp BELLE D'I - Hind Rabii

Glass pendant lamp BELLE D'I - Hind Rabii
Glass pendant lamp BELLE D'I - Hind Rabii

Glass pendant lamp BELLE D'I - Hind Rabii
HIND RABII | Hind Rabii, Luc Vincent | Archiproducts Design Selection - Salone del Mobile 2015
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