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Heating unit and burner

Manufacturer Sime

- Modular system with multiple condensing generators in cascade
- Stainless steel coil heat exchanger
- 10 versions from 67,6 to 528 kW
- The system includes: hydraulic manifolds, gas manifold, exhaust manifold and management electronics, cascaded sensor and mounting frame
- Management of a forced circulation solar system and up to three areas, two of which mixed (optional kit required)
- Possibility of production D.H.W. with dedicated module or storage tank downstream of the hydraulic separator
- Hydraulic separator kit and safety ISPESL kit reversible (optional)
- The 220-330-440-550 versions can be installed in systems with pressure up to 5 bar
- ModBus communication (optional RS-485 card required)
Heating unit and burner MURELLE EQUIPE ErP - Sime

Heating unit and burner MURELLE EQUIPE ErP - Sime
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