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T30 | Mezzanine

Steel Mezzanine

Manufacturer SVELT

T30 Structure consists on a light width and length adjustable frame, four extending telescopic pillars to change the height and a high density structural board floor (verified P5). This one has horizontal siding so that get a quick installation and avoid unnecessary cuts. The mezzanine is available in white and black, suitable for outdoor, also there are a wide variety of colors, on request and a small extra cost. All metal components are subjected to a quality painting process through a powder coating system. Quality is one of the premises for Svelt, therefore the mezzanine T30 is designed according to the Eurocodes, following European safety standards more stringent. 

SVELT Catalogues

Steel Mezzanine T30 | Mezzanine - SVELT

Steel Mezzanine T30 | Mezzanine - SVELT
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