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Vertical wall-mounted decorative radiator

Manufacturer Thermoeasy

Electric radiators Collection
The radiators offered by Thermoeasy to electrical operation created to meet the varied needs of design, comfort and, at the same time, saving energy.
They are built for the most part with materials 100% recyclable, such as aluminum or glass; They have the most advanced technology that allows the product to understand what is the correct way to heat the room to avoid waste of energy, also keeping to a minimum the surface temperature of the product, Also, many models are equipped with control units and control systems, touch screen It allows to adjust the daily and weekly switching on and off and the temperature of operation to meet the needs of the final user, thus avoiding waste of energy; They are, then, provided with safety systems which avoid the surricaldamento of the plates thanks to the sensor surface. They can be equipped with accessories such as towel bars or hooks.


Vertical wall-mounted decorative radiator RD02 - Thermoeasy

Vertical wall-mounted decorative radiator RD02 - Thermoeasy
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