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K140 | Automated door system

Automated door system

Manufacturer TOPP

TOPP automation model K140 for sliding pedestrian doors, with a maximum capacity of 140 kg, designed for intensive use, with electronic control circuitry using the latest generation of microprocessor, to permit self regulation of the movement depending on the weight and size of the door panels. Safety functions incorporated, with control of thrust force and automatic reversal in case of detection of an obstacle in the panel glide zone. Encoder for automatic reading of the run, position and slowing of the doors. CE marking. Customizable functions: opening and closing speed; slowing and approach speed and space; pause time for automatic/partial/key reclosure; partial opening; selection of mode of emergency operation with battery; selection of door block operating mode.

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Automated door system K140 | Automated door system - TOPP

Automated door system K140 | Automated door system - TOPP
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