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Marble mosaic

Manufacturer Lithos Mosaico Italia - Lithos

Artistic Collection
 The Artistic Collection puts together rugs , boiseries ,meanders ,medallions and bordures retracing   past styles and artistic movements belonging to the universal history of the mosaic art.The movements  from which the artistic  Classic collection takes inspiration date back to the ancient Greek and Roman history,as well as to the Arabian and Persian one, and to the floral style.
Decors  and splendours are immortalised in mosaics with a classic and refined style , and made even more precious thanks to the high quality artisan technique they are produced with. Experienced hands repropose the Pompeian opulence , refined Persian gemoetries , Liberty elegant decors.The collection presents actual works of art to expose as wall coverings,as well as modular  motifs for floors and coverings conveying a visual and tactile impression ,unique and unrepeatable.
The careful and precise  handcrafted  technique goes perfectly with the most refined productions, by creating  works delivering  a strong emotional impression  carrying  out uncontested artistic value.


cm 400 x 240 x 1

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Marble mosaic ARTISTIC CLASSIC - LE HAVRE - Lithos Mosaico Italia - Lithos

Marble mosaic ARTISTIC CLASSIC - LE HAVRE - Lithos Mosaico Italia - Lithos
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