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Anti corrosion product

Manufacturer NAICI ITALIA

RESINCERA is available in glossy and matte finish. It is a high resistant dual-cure metallic wax, specially designed for the protection of resin floors. The double cross-linking binds all the product components forming an excellent protective layer, particularly flexible and resistant, which reduces the risk of spoilage and contamination of the surface (scratches, marks, signs of shoes, etc...). The protection is resistant to traffic, washing with detergents or alcohol.
RESINCERA is also ideal to protect, revive and polish all types of flooring (marble, granite, wood, PVC, rubber, grit, linoleum, terracotta, resin, etc) SUPERCERA also facilitates the usual cleaning and eliminates any visible cement dust. The coating film produced from SUPERCERA is also non-slip (conforming to CSMA / USA standards) and is suitable for the protection of the anti-static PVC floors, as it does not alter the conductivity.
Anti corrosion product RESINCERA - NAICI ITALIA

Anti corrosion product RESINCERA - NAICI ITALIA
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