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Synthetic material wall/floor tiles

Manufacturer NAICI ITALIA

Decor Collection
Epoxy coating with particular cement components, ideal for the implementation of the glazing technique on floors and walls. Surfaces made with DECORCEM have special nuances and shades, with different semi-transparent tonalities that convey an “antiqued” or depth effect. The work is completed with a coat of NAIRETAN P-SOLID and SUPERCERA to exalt the effects obtained.

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 - Synthetic material wall/floor tiles DECO' - NAICI ITALIA Synthetic material wall/floor tiles Decò is a two-component, polychromatic, epoxy, water-based coating, with “pearl-effect”, available in five colours (pearl, gold, pink-gold, copper, antique red).
It has also has a consolidating and anti-dust power.    
 - Synthetic material wall/floor tiles DECORCEM LEVEL - NAICI ITALIA Synthetic material wall/floor tiles DECORCEM LEVEL is a product of epoxy nature, comprised of three elements, applicable in any  concreted or tiled support, created for the realization of colored coatings in public or private spaces intended for pedestrian traffic.
 DECORCEM LEVEL can provide a coating characterized by high mechanical strength and surface hardness which ensures excellence in terms of result and durability.
 - Synthetic material wall tiles DECORESINA - NAICI ITALIA Synthetic material wall tiles DECORESINA is a paste-appearance resin ideal to make decorative smoothing on internal walls. It is formulated by precious resins and thanks to the presence of microfibers DECORESINA provides an high level of flexibility, and withstands the micro-movement of the support. It can also provides a good level of waterproofing.  Must be applied in several coats by means of steel or plastic trowel.
With DECORESINA is possible obtain endless effects and colours, end it is available the neutral version (to colour with appropriate pastes) or coloured version.
 - Synthetic material flooring DECORESINA FLOOR - NAICI ITALIA Synthetic material flooring DECORESINA FLOOR is a resin in paste, ideal for decorative smoothing of significant aesthetic impact on indoor floors. The DECORESINA FLOOR system, characterized by a precious resins based formulation, offers excellent flexibility and, thanks to the presence of microfibers, is resistant to the micro-movements of supporting and offers a good level of waterproofing. It's applicable in multiple layers using a smooth trowel plaster or steel, depending on the color effects to be obtained. With DECORESINA FLOOR is possible to achieve endless effects and colorations according to the color chart, and it is available in both neutral (to be colored at the time with the appropriate colored pastes), or pre-colored version. 
DECORESINA FLOOR, can be used for the production of decorative coatings in homes, shops, offices, showrooms, etc..
 - Smoothing compound DECORBASE - NAICI ITALIA Smoothing compound DECORBASE is a paste useful to make smooth the surface of floors and walls. To be applied in several coats using steel trowel or plaster. Thanks to the presence of microfibers DECORBASE bears micro movements of the support and withstand the high foot traffic. It is not trafficable.
Synthetic material wall/floor tiles DECORCEM - NAICI ITALIA

Synthetic material wall/floor tiles DECORCEM - NAICI ITALIA
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