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NORM 35 | Urinal

Suspended Urinal

Manufacturer GSI ceramica

Norm Series
Norm is GSI’s minimalist offering, for the client with taste who appreciates simplicity. It is a simple range with nothing superfluous, nothing ornamental. Its multiple dimensions and functionality comprise a sanitary range which can be customised to meet a wide range of spaces and requirements. Once combined with accessories and fixtures, this range creates a pleasing, functional elegant and minimal bathroom space.

Norm range’s style and elegance for a service product to meet the most sophisticated needs: a urinal with water rinse, electronic or manual drain, with or without lid, suitable for both the public and private sectors.

Wall-hung urinal with prearranged holes for soft-close cover installation. Fixing included.


35x31 cm

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Suspended Urinal NORM 35 | Urinal - GSI ceramica

Suspended Urinal NORM 35 | Urinal - GSI ceramica
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