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Synthetic material wall tiles

Manufacturer NAICI ITALIA

Nairetan Collection
NAIRETAN SPT is a two component high thixotropic epoxy resin, with high strength and fine glossy coats, totally waterproof and acid resistant.
It is ideal for covering floors and walls of commercial or civil premises or wherever you would like to achieve an aesthetic effect like spatula, cloudy, marbled, Venetian plaster, etc.
NAIRETAN SPT is perfect to cover, protect and decorate interior surfaces of office floors, shops, apartments, exhibition halls, bars and discos.
The coatings obtained with NAIRETAN SPT are the result of products used for industrial purposes, with high mechanical and chemical resistance. They are resistant to wear, easy to clean and perfectly smooth. To obtain astonishing effects in various colours and shades, NAIRETAN SPT can be pigmented with appropriate NAICI colours.
Synthetic material wall tiles NAIRETAN SPT - NAICI ITALIA

Synthetic material wall tiles NAIRETAN SPT - NAICI ITALIA
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