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Smoothing compound

Manufacturer NAICI ITALIA

Igrotan Collection
IGROTAN BIANCO is a three-component product made from a special blend of resins and cements, that when mixed together in equal parts forms, a  white  thixotropic mixture, easy to apply on floor or walls to achieve special effects and decorative finishes. 
The coatings obtained from IGROTAN BIANCO are also used for industrial purposes and posses high mechanical and chemical strength. 
IGROTAN BIANCO can be covered with epoxy or polyurethane, transparent or pigmented coatings. 
To achieve amazing effects in various colours and shades IGROTAN BIANCO can be pigmented with water based, oxides or natural dyes.
IGROTAN BIANCO is available in three different granulometry sizes NORMALE (granular effect, medium thixotropy), FINO (smooth effect, medium-high thixotropy) and FINITURA (extra fine, high thixotropy)

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 - Smoothing compound IGROTAN LEVEL - NAICI ITALIA Smoothing compound IGROTAN LEVEL is a product of epoxy nature, comprised of three elements, created to provide a support for finifhing intended for pedestrian traffic, in public or private areas. It is applicable on any concrete, tiled or wooden support.
Smoothing compound IGROTAN - NAICI ITALIA

Smoothing compound IGROTAN - NAICI ITALIA
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