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Acrylic glass chess table

Manufacturer Woka Lamps Vienna

Schachspiel / Chess - Hommage à Marcel Duchamp

Execution Brigitte Kowanz (chessmen) and WOKA LAMPS VIENNA (car and board) Chessmen made from kaiser rolls, carved and covered with arcylic, car from biclcle-wheels, iron frame, etched acrylicboard, signed: Brigitte Kowanz/3/30, marked WOKA,  h: 65 cm, 104 x 93 cm. handmade multiple from a planned small-scale series of 30. In fact just 3 were manufactured. Exhibited in: Design Wien, MAK Vienna 1989. Lit.: P. Noever,Tradition und Experiment, MAK Wien, 1988, S. 115. 

There is also a little version with 80x70cm, with smaller rolls, in Vienna so called "Jourgebäck", which is in fact unique as there was only one single piece was manufactured.
iron, acrylic, bread in acrylic


104 x 93 x H 65 cm
Acrylic glass chess table SCHACHSPIEL - Woka Lamps Vienna

Acrylic glass chess table SCHACHSPIEL - Woka Lamps Vienna
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