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LED bollard light

Manufacturer Arcluce

Its unmistakable square-shaped design and the possibility to install a coloured glass on top of the appliance give this bollard an outstanding decorative value. KUBIX has been conceived to ensure perfect control over light, which slides down from the light source, gently stroking the appliance’s surface and guaranteeing excellent ground performance while preventing annoying blinding effects at eye height. All the fragile elements of the optical part - such as the light source, the reflector and the diffuser - are entirely covered and built-in inside the die-cast aluminium appliance’s body. In this way, they are protected from vandalism, tampering, or any other type of mechanical impact. Thanks to all these features, KUBIX is the ideal device to be installed in public areas such as gardens, car parks, pedestrian areas, building entrances, hotel halls, etc.


Arcluce Catalogues

LED bollard light KUBIX 180 - Arcluce

LED bollard light KUBIX 180 - Arcluce
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