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Cement adhesive for flooring

Manufacturer NAICI ITALIA

Nai Collection
NAI CM KOLFLEX is flexible cement adhesive (S1), high-performance, classified C2TE:  cement based (C), improved adhesion (2) slip resistance (T) and prolonged open time (E). 

NAI CM KOLFLEX CM is available in white and grey colours. The product is ideal for the installation of floors, tiles, walls, stone and stoneware large and small sizes, even for non-absorbent surfaces (mosaics). It can be applied up to a thickness of 10 mm and consents the installation on traditional supports, even of old floors, deformable surfaces, heated floors, surfaces exposed to permanent immersion in water (ponds, swimming pools, etc.). It can also withstand foot-traffic after 24 hours from application and after 10 days it is not affected by frost.
 NAI CM KOLFLEX is also the ideal product to fix tiles on waterproofing membranes made with CEMENGUAINA –NAICI-. Its high performance and adaptability to multiple uses, combined with the extreme ease of application, makes the product the best existing adhesive.
Support: plaster cement - concrete slabs - Concrete walled - plasterboard - old floors - floor heating - deformed shape - media to immerse (tubs, swimming pools, etc.) - waterproofing with CEMENGUAINA.
Cement adhesive for flooring NAI CM KOLFLEX - NAICI ITALIA

Cement adhesive for flooring NAI CM KOLFLEX - NAICI ITALIA
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