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TIGMI | Garden sofa

Garden sofa

Manufacturer Dedon

Tigmi Collection
Merging sofa and shelter into a new typology, aesthetically satisfying and supremely comfortable, the TIGMI collection by Jean-Marie Massaud brings people together outdoors as never before. Named for a Berber word meaning both “house” and “shadow”, this remarkably unified piece of microarchitecture offers the sense of being indoors and outdoors at once, recalling the relaxing atmosphere of a shaded bower. | One of the most comfortable pieces DEDON has ever created, TIGMI features two layers of cushioning all around—a thick outer layer covered in special waterproof fabric and a pillowy inner layer (the one that touches the skin) in DEDON’s luxuriously soft outdoor upholstery. The lightweight inner layer can be easily removed and stored, while the quick-dry layer underneath can stay outdoors.

TIGMI - Garden sofa. The TIGMI deep sofa has a lightweight layer of cushions on top for easy removal and a quick-dry layer
underneath for leaving outdoors.

Garden sofa


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Garden sofa TIGMI | Garden sofa - Dedon

Garden sofa TIGMI | Garden sofa - Dedon
Garden sofa TIGMI | Garden sofa - Dedon

Garden sofa TIGMI | Garden sofa - Dedon
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