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Mobile scaffolding and ladder for construction site

Manufacturer Frigerio Carpenterie

ALUMIX - Mini scaffold. Base Dimensions 1,60 x 0,66 m. Maximum overall height 2,94 m.
- Steps shoulders spaced every 28 cm. with anti-slip surface made of square profile mm. 30x30 with double edges, inside and outside the vertical upright.
- Shoulders / uprights constructed pipe rettandolo mm. 58x25.
- Work provided manhole step with regulatory wooden surface treated Finnish birch waterproof, anti-slip and anti-stain.
- Traverse made profile rectangle mm. 40x20 with quick coupling and provided with anti-detachment device even with strong pushes from the inside towards the outside.
- Double base stabilizer plug calibrated foam with adjustment for tiling wall.
- Shoulders / uprights joined by aluminum hinges with stainless steel pins can be used as anti-rust No. 2 multipurpose folding aluminum ladders with base stabilizer.
- Details and finishings made of aluminum anti-rust.
- Completely removable.
- Marking of the manufacturer on each piece.
- 2 wheels Ø 100 mm. to allow the transport wheels "wheelbarrow".
A mini scaffold designed to work in a simple and effective.
The connections of the horizontal beams and diagonal using an anti-detachment that will allow quick installation and safe operation.
Great functionality and versatility thanks to the different working positions that allow you to use the scaffolding on slopes andalongside the wall.
Convertible into 2 independent multi-purpose ladders or working platform with adjustable height.

For more detailed information please see the technical specifications of the product, available from the catalogs.


Mobile scaffolding and ladder for construction site ALUMIX - Frigerio Carpenterie

Mobile scaffolding and ladder for construction site ALUMIX - Frigerio Carpenterie
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