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Panoramic wallpaper

Manufacturer Inkiostro Bianco

design by
Giocoadue Collection
Urban, raw, decorated but unfinished, and then abandoned. Etched metal sheets that look like they have taken on the mark left by the passage of time. Rust appears on the green copper and spreads seasoned, second-hand charm throughout the space. The rough surface is ideal for floors or walls, in unexpected associations with other materials.

Only one version available.

VINYL PAPER: a product made of two layers. An upper printable vinyl layer and a TNT (non-woven fabric) under part which ensures high dimensional stability during the application and drying phases of the product, as well as an easy to install and remove capability.
GLASS FIBER - EQ•DEKOR: a decorative and protective dualfunction wallpaper created in partnership with Mapei. A bidirectional glass fiber reinforcement with greater stability, efficiency, extreme lightness and flexibility attributes. EQ•Dekor offers high structural performances, minimizing the risk of wall parts detaching in the event of an earthquake.

Material: Vinyl (V)
Larghezza / Width 47 cm
Material: Fiber (F)
Larghezza / Width 94 cm

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Panoramic wallpaper CRUDE - Inkiostro Bianco

Panoramic wallpaper CRUDE - Inkiostro Bianco
Panoramic wallpaper CRUDE - Inkiostro Bianco

Panoramic wallpaper CRUDE - Inkiostro Bianco


Panoramic wallpaper CRUDE - Inkiostro Bianco
Inkiostro Bianco at Cersaie 2015
Milano Design Week 2015 | Inkiostro Bianco
Showroom Eclisse-Inkiostro Bianco
Showroom Eclisse-Inkiostro Bianco
Inkiostro Bianco | Prsotto | Showroom Escada, Via Solferino 19 - Milano
Cersaie 2014
Cersaie 2014_interview
Casa Morandi_inauguration
Fuorisalone 2013
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