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Built-in air treatment unit

Manufacturer RDZ

UC 300-MHE is an air handling unit with high heat recovery efficiency. It is used for summer dehumidification with fresh air flow regulation or partial air recirculation. It is made up of two sections, heat recovery and air treatment (condensed with air). The high efficiency (~90%) heat exchanger is situated on the countercurrent air discharge side. The following operation modes can be set through the user remote control: air renewal, ventilation, dehumidification, summer and winter sensible heat integration. The unit includes four preinstalled and electrically connected motorised dampers for automatic function control. The heat discharge unit within the exhaust duct reduces energy consumption both during dehumidification and integration modes. Comfort unit UC 300-MHE can be controlled by Wi electronic control unit, by external control or autonomously.
Built-in air treatment unit UNIT COMFORT UC 300-M - RDZ

Built-in air treatment unit UNIT COMFORT UC 300-M - RDZ
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