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Lounge chair

Manufacturer Gufram

Limited Edition - HANDMADE in ITALY: Handmade products in Guflac coating, with limited production and numbered by colour and/or model; each piece has a numbered seal and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity making it traceable in the Gufram register.

Radical project and symbol of the anti-design cultural revolution, created in 1971 by Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi, and Riccardo Rosso, Pratone is presented in a new white version. The Nordic Pratone, with a limited edition production of 50 pieces, makes its contribution to the series of special projects from Gufram for the occasion of its fiftieth birthday.
Sinking into the long, soft stems of this unconventional seat is possible thanks to the special material that composes its parts. Made, in fact, with flexible polyurethane foam and finished entirely by hand, Pratone is then covered in Guflac, a special coating designed by Gufram that simultaneously allows the softness of this material to be preserved and a wider variety of finishes to be created. It is the elasticity of this material that makes Pratone an object of momentary, playful, unprecedented individual and collective relaxation.


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 - Lounge chair PRATONE - Gufram Lounge chair Pratone represents an irreverent design idea; light years away from the usual types of middle-class interior design of the 70’, it has then become a point of reference in the history of design. Long green stalks among which we can sink and lie, it is an unconventional seat, a chaise longue outside tradition values, a portion of garden deliberately out of proportion. Although having been conceived with a precise inclination towards serial composition – so much so that it can be integrated to recreate a whole carefree green field within the home walls – Pratone is in all respects a radical project – an icon of the anti-design cultural revolution. It is an object for single or collective rest – temporary, unstable, always to be conquered due to the elasticity of the material. Starting from two opposite mysteries – the grass as biological reference, and the material for industrial production as artificial presence – this seat finds its place among the formal research aimed to free people from some of the conditionings of their habitual behavior. 

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Lounge chair NORDIC PRATONE - Gufram

Lounge chair NORDIC PRATONE - Gufram
Lounge chair NORDIC PRATONE - Gufram

Lounge chair NORDIC PRATONE - Gufram
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