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NOOX | Bidet mixer

Countertop single handle bidet mixer

Manufacturer ZAZZERI

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Noox Series
Designed by Luca Ceri, Noox is one of the collections that best represents Zazzeri’s style. The soft shape and the important size are the elements that characterize the whole series, suitable to modern refined environments. Noox offers a complete range of solutions for the different needs of the bathroom: from the washbasin to the bidet, from the bathtub to the shower. The mixer handle, powered by a progressive cartridge, follows the curve of the ”C” shaped body but it breaks the symmetry of the lines when it rotates to let the water out. The 3 hole version has cross-shaped handles with a constant recall to the oval section of thespout. The shower column matched to the series, follows the simple strong lines of the entire collection. With progressive cartridge or thermostatic unit, the mechanism is all developed around the main body. The water flux and temperature handles have disappeared to be included in the column itself. A simple rotation of the central cylinder drives the two operations. Once again, aesthetics and functionality are guided by essentiality. All articles are made in brass with chrome finishing.

Single- lever bidet mixer

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Countertop single handle bidet mixer NOOX | Bidet mixer - ZAZZERI

Countertop single handle bidet mixer NOOX | Bidet mixer - ZAZZERI
Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016 | ZAZZERI - Fabrizio Batoni
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