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Z-POINT | Remote control tap

Deck-mounted remote control tap

Manufacturer ZAZZERI

Z-Point Series
Zazzeri entrusted the Z Point project to an important name, Simone Micheli: an Italian architect and designer. ,Micheli works all over the world as a consultant for international fairs and a visiting professor at a number of universities. The cosmopolitan environment he lives in permeates his work. This is what he has to say about this project:    “Z Point was created to provide a contemporary response to the functional and formal demands of our temporal dimension; the essential shapes, combined with a simple yet unusual use of the mixer, make this a true metropolitan icon. I designed this mixer with the basic intention of creating an entity that could alter the static equilibrium of the tap world.”   Z Point is aimed at an educated, wellinformed and, perhaps, slightly self-indulgent public, that loves cutting edge products and design, but has no need for ostentation or pretension, a public that enjoys being pampered in the small everyday gestures. 

Surface-mounted “OUT” control

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Deck-mounted remote control tap Z-POINT | Remote control tap - ZAZZERI

Deck-mounted remote control tap Z-POINT | Remote control tap - ZAZZERI
Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016 | ZAZZERI - Fabrizio Batoni
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