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Porcelain doorbell button

Manufacturer GI Gambarelli

White Italy Collection
White Italy, the first historical collection by GI Gambarelli.
White Italy, is a refined vintage collection of switches and sockets made of exclusively fine-quality raw materials. The main feature of this collection is the use of authentic and handmade porcelain.
Traditional production, where each peace is worked by human hand, is a guarantee for the best quality obtainable with porcelain and the reason for it’s brightness and uniqueness.
Usually the White Italy collection is installed with our external silk twisted wires, characterized by functionality, beauty and many different colours, representing a perfect solution for renovation or simply for chic vintage dwellings.

Chrome push button


Ø 60 – h 53 mm

GI Gambarelli Catalogues

Porcelain doorbell button WHITE ITALY - 13 - GI Gambarelli

Porcelain doorbell button WHITE ITALY - 13 - GI Gambarelli
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