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Geometric Line
GEOMETRIC line, elegance and geometry.

The elegance is the main trait of this line where the design plays with the shape: squares, rectangles, numbers and letters. A wallpaper thought to bring out the volumes and the interior decoration in your own spaces.

 AVAILABLE TEXTURES: smooth paper, embossed paper (checked)

All the Wallpepper subjects are specials and unique because, every time, they are fixed on the wall, as a tailor-made dress. Another important characteristic of our product is the eco-friendly and long-lasting material, thanks to an accurate research and experimentations.
The paper is made by cotton and cellulose, the inks are green and certificated, all the materials are PVC free.
Thanks to these characteristics, Wallpepper can be used in schools and hospitals as the GREENGUARD certification authorize.
Wallpepper is easy to apply and remove, it's perfect for every location and gives to the spaces an exclusive personality.
Wallpepper could be also used on very wet spaces or in those rooms where there's an habitual contact with water such as bathrooms or SPA; in these situations we suggest to protect our Wallpepper with a special finishing touch that we conceive.

Wallpepper Catalogues

Wallpaper TUSCANY - Wallpepper

Wallpaper TUSCANY - Wallpepper
Wallpaper TUSCANY - Wallpepper

Wallpaper TUSCANY - Wallpepper
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