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GERUNDIO | Round mirror

Round mirror

Manufacturer T.D. Tonelli Design

Larger round and oval versions of Giovanni Garattoni’s Gerundio mirror.

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 - Rectangular wall-mounted mirror GERUNDIO | Rectangular mirror - T.D. Tonelli Design Rectangular wall-mounted mirror Gerundio is the new rectangular mirror of big dimensions by Tonelli Design, with an explicit reference made to the “gerund mood” of the Italian language, expression of contemporaneity. The large reflecting surface produces a three dimensional effect of the environment, that thus gains a greater depth. The surface and frame, slightly parted, split the reflecting image that, in a fine intellectual play, recovers itself only in the observer’s mind. Available in floor or wall version. Size: 105x200cm 155x80cm S Thickness: 8 mm 
Round mirror GERUNDIO | Round mirror - T.D. Tonelli Design

Round mirror GERUNDIO | Round mirror - T.D. Tonelli Design
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