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DRUM 70 | Wall lamp

Glass wall lamp

Manufacturer Ailati Lights

Drum 70 Collection
Wall and ceiling lamp of blown triplex opal glass satin finished, with brushed aluminiumreflector and thermoresistant translucient plastic anti-uv polycarbonate component-holder,neutral, red, orange, blue, green, yellow. Twist-lock system.
The lamp series DRUM has a degree of protection IP44 and is ideally suited for humidenvironments, the base is made of polycarbonate, a material also resistant to chlorine,in fact, all the lights of the cars are produced with polycarbonate to prevent ‘attack ofatmospheric agents such as acid rain chlorine-based, in this case the lamp DRUM, as thelamp ELBA e BOX are the most suitable for this type of environment, such as pools andhumid environments.


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Glass wall lamp DRUM 70 | Wall lamp - Ailati Lights

Glass wall lamp DRUM 70 | Wall lamp - Ailati Lights
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