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Air handling unit

Manufacturer Clivet

Packaged air-conditioning unit
CSRT-XHE2: cooling only
CSRN-XHE2: reversible heat pump
Air cooled
Roof Top
Capacity from 50 to 150 kW

The packaged air-conditioning units of the CSRT-XHE2 and CSRN-XHE2 series are the technological evolution of Roof top units developed by Clivet for air handling. Designed for the air-conditioning of small and medium surface environments with medium attendance such as supermarkets, shops, offices and small production areas.
Versatility of use: the wide range of versions, options and accessories allow unique integration and flexibility of choice, regardless of the intended use and the external climate.
Easy to position and install: the units are exceptionally compact, perfect for positioning on particularly crowded roofs and allow bottom or horizontal supply and return air. The units, pretested in the factory, feature immediate start-up thanks to the packaged approach, which includes everything the systems needs. It only requires to be connected to the electrical mains and the air system.
Sturdiness and energy saving: energy consumption and therefore the management costs are drastically reduced thanks to the high efficiency of the innovative double refrigeration circuit, the optional electronic filtration system, the plug-fans with electronically controlled motor, the automatic control of the air flow and the variable flow function.

Clivet Catalogues

Air handling unit CLIVETPACK²CSRT-XHE2 CSRN-XHE2 15.1-45.2 - Clivet

Air handling unit CLIVETPACK²CSRT-XHE2 CSRN-XHE2 15.1-45.2 - Clivet
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