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DELUXE | 1 hole washbasin tap

Countertop 1 hole washbasin tap

Manufacturer NEWFORM

DELUXE Collection
Luxury, never being an end in itself, but always serving an aesthetic purpose: that is the philosophical attitude of DELUXE which shows its structural eclecticism, wisely combining classicism and contemporary in an irresistible charming mix.

Deluxe and Deluxe Prestige, to express the preciousness at the highest levels. These products are created to satisfy  who lives  in  refined locations and for those who loves the exclusive atmosphere and live in the most desirable areas.

Unique faucet lines of prestige with three hole, dedicated to clients who demands news about luxury and design creations. It was designed not only to furnish spaces, but to convey the concept of exclusivity where the top is a must.
Through a series of sinuous lines that glorify the magnitude of their volumes, Deluxe and Deluxe Prestige differ from handles made with transparent and black crystal for the Deluxe version , while with gold finish and crystal Swarovski inserts for the Deluxe Prestige.

Art. 68025 - Single hole basin group with high spout, 1/2” ceramic valve, 3/8” female connecting hoses and 1”1/4 popup waste set.


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Art. 68025

Art. 68025

Countertop 1 hole washbasin tap DELUXE | 1 hole washbasin tap - NEWFORM
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