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Manufacturer TM Italia Cucine

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D90 - Modular kitchen system available in all TM Italia finishes. Doors and fronts may be 22 mm or 28 mm thick; they have a straight edge and require a handle or push-pull for opening. The wall units can be provided with a grip handle on the bottom structural panel.

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 - Fitted kitchen with island D90/12-D90/TP - TM Italia Cucine Fitted kitchen with island The intriguing appeal of modern architecture characterizes this kitchen model by TM Italia, dominated by materials typical of futuristic cityscapes, such as glass and metal. The cabinet unit looks like the glazed façade of a high-rise, punctuated by the regular rhythm of windows and structural elements, creating a graphical pattern of lines and playing on transparencies and reflections to extend the complex virtually. Wooden laths animate the glazed surface like blinds.

The work island boasts a linear and sober horizontal cube shape. The sink and hob are hidden beneath the worktop, ready to be revealed whenever needed. A convenient rack can also be extracted vertically to dispense cookware and spices during cooking.
At 90-degree angle, a convivial glass corner is connected to the work island, offering space for breakfast. Beneath it, glass trolleys house oak drawers, creating an interesting contrast and accentuating, with its modular look, the urban feel of the design.
Unexpected and ironic detail: elements in dark copper finish recalling urban furniture emanate infrared light, serving as a plate warmer.

Materials and Finishes
Oak wood “Materico cenere”, “Linea Azzurra” laminated glass, stainless steel. Island in anthracite finish with textile effect.

Wall run: Siemens refrigerator column, pantry cupboards, cutlery drawers, Siemens oven, Siemens warming drawer, wooden blinds can be opened via mobile app.
Island: Barazza cook top, plate warmer, concealed sink with vertically extractable tap, cutlery drawers, bin with waste separation system, vertically extractable pantry cupboard (L220 cm x D 20 cm) remotely controlled via mobile app.
 - Basalt and oxidized steel kitchen D90 | Basalt kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Basalt and oxidized steel kitchen A kitchen that combines the simplicity with the appeal of artisan workshops and charming spaces that are evocative of sophisticated lofts.
The kitchen consists of a single volume featuring metallic lacquered doors with an oxidized “cloudy” grey steel finish and a basalt stone top with built-in sink and induction stove. When open, the doors reveal the storage compartments and electrical appliances. The top was made with overlapping edges: the 4-centimeter thickness of the top is recessed and concealed by the doors, showing a perceived thickness of 1 centimetre from the front view. All the doors have been developed based on the D90 door concept, with handles inside. 
An open structure made from black iron with polished welding and knotted oak shelves contains the extraction system, in addition to providing pantry space. This completely open structure emphasizes the industrial nature of the setting and the rear wall has been painted slate.
The same wood used for the shelves has also been used to build the dining table that completes the project.
 - Corinthian stone freestanding kitchen D90 | Natural stone kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Corinthian stone freestanding kitchen A fascinating set of features: this island forms a dynamic and innovative composition of volumes and thicknesses. This treasure chest made from Corinthian stone is safeguarded in the TM Italia Atelier in Parma.
Two stone monoliths are transformed into a large functional island by means of sophisticated automation, which creates a unique line and unveils all the operational equipment. The bench tops slide laterally to produce a cantilevered dining area. This reveals a stovetop and sink in the workbench and on the side, connecting to the other monolith, gives access to the illuminated and temperature-controlled wine cooler. The internal fittings of the wine cooler have been built with a set of milled panels to hold the bottles. This customized detail creates continuity of style with the columns in the background. The second monolith houses the oven, which can be extracted vertically by means of a remotely controlled electrical system. When not in use, the oven aligns perfectly with the bench top. Skilful overlapping conceals the edge behind the doors, reducing the actual stone thickness of 4 centimetres to a perceived thickness of just 1 centimetre. Even the smallest details of this composition have been considered and its essence represents all the quality and elegance of TM Italia.
 - Linear kitchen without handles D90 | Corian® kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Linear kitchen without handles
 - Kitchen with island D90 | Kitchen with island - TM Italia Cucine Kitchen with island
 - Hideaway kitchen D90 | Quartzite kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Hideaway kitchen
 - Steel and wood kitchen D90 | Rosewood kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Steel and wood kitchen
 - Kitchen with island D90 | Quartz kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Kitchen with island
 - Kitchen with island D90 | Faïence kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Kitchen with island
 - Stone kitchen D90 | Stone kitchen - TM Italia Cucine Stone kitchen
 - Hideaway quartzite kitchen with island #13_D90 - TM Italia Cucine Hideaway quartzite kitchen with island The masterly combination of primordial materials, like quartzite and pewter, valorised by an essential design language and the integration of advanced technologies, this is Quinto Elemento by TM Italia. The kitchen features Peltrox® metal and Fusion Wow stone surfaces, two materials which create an intense dialogue. The stained finish of the Peltrox® — a metal combining the performance of modern stainless steel and the appearance of a thousand-year-old material like pewter — perfectly combines with the expressiveness of the natural stone texture, which is rich in tones and shades ranging from reddish brown to anthracite grey.
The intriguing visual tension that arises from this combination is emphasized by the formal composition of the kitchen, built out of two monolithic volumes: a wall of six column with recessed doors and a working island. In the first instance, the Peltrox® frames the central recess which is coated internally in stone. In the second instance, it is the stone that hides a Peltrox® heart. When closed, in fact, the working island is evenly covered in Fusion Wow stone. When opened to uncover the stovetop, it reveals its metal core.
The alternate use of the two materials provides perfect stylistic balance to the kitchen.

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Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine

Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine
Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine

Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine
Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine

Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine
Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine

Lacquered D90 | - TM Italia Cucine
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