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Skirting board

Manufacturer PROFILPAS

Metal Line Collection
To choose Metal Line means giving importance to details because they are the ones who make the difference. Metal Line is distinguished by its versatility and functionality, but also for its inspiration to contemporary design. It is an innovative line, rich of solutions with a wide variety of combinations and colours capable of satisfying every housing need, from small and large gathering places. Stainless steel and aluminum, materials that give shape, colour and size to the space, minimalist signs that follow the flow of everyday life. Metal Line can provide a continuum of profiles that integrate perfectly into environments and different styles, enhancing their aesthetic and architectural appeal.Metal Line becomes a trend line, thanks to Profilpas’ research on materials and shapes and to the attention that the company puts on stydying the furniture and design industry.

Metal Line 99/C is a skirting board flush with the wall, for plaster and plasterboard, modular and easy to apply. Made with a base of natural aluminum, it is easy to install , through the use of suitable adhesives or the use of screws and dowels. Then, you complete it with an insert made of anodized aluminum or Alcrom® Plus coated , and it is easy to assemble through the use of special Teflon dowels to the base support.

PROFILPAS Catalogues

Metal Line 99/C natural aluminium base + Alcrom® Plus decor 85 foiled aluminium

Metal Line 99/C natural aluminium base + Alcrom® Plus decor 85 foiled aluminium

Skirting board METAL LINE 99/C - PROFILPAS
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