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Exterior insulation system

Manufacturer Jendy Joss

The Jendy Joss internal false ceiling are the best solution to achieve the highest characteristics of sound insulation, of fire behaviour with very reduced thicknesses and weights and eco friendly materials. The proposed solutions are achieved through a structure of galvanized steel of 50/75 width and increased thickness of 08/10. 
Inside each metal/wood frame are utilized special insulation material like recycled and recyclable polyester fiber, rockwool panel or thin film with heat reflective, with excellent thermal and acoustic functions. The theoretical sound insulation values for the proposed solutions, referred to applications on 12 cm pierced bricks, are between 42,3 and 53,9 dB, while the real values in site are between 40,6 and 51,9 dB. 

The thermic insulation, referred to an application on 30 cm Proton type brick, is between 0,148 and 0,473 W/mqK. The UR slab reaction to fire is Class A1 (zero). The finish can be realized both directly on the UR slabs and with an additional plasterboard slabs coating.
It is possible to achieve any kind of finish with the coating in tiles or wood, to the application in paper, pvc or other. 
Exterior insulation system INNER WALL COATING - Jendy Joss

Exterior insulation system INNER WALL COATING - Jendy Joss
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