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Composite material facade panel

Manufacturer Jendy Joss

The Jendy Joss “preassembled” external walls are the best solution to achieve the highest thermic insulation characteristics, acoustic with very reduced thicknesses and weights and eco friendly materials, with the advantage of executive quality and speed in the preassembly.
The proposed solutions are realized through a double frame of galvanized steel profiles of which the outest one is of 100 mm width and increased thickness of 10/10 to be placed outside from the structural wire to completely eliminate the thermal bridges, the inner one is of 50/75 mm width and increased thickness of 08/10, from ceiling to ceiling, it gives additional performances and can be used for the equipments passage.
Within each metal frame and a room between the two, a special insulating material in recycled and recycleable material in polyester fibre with excellent acoustic functions. 

The transmittance values of sound insulation for the proposed solutions are between 0,158 and 0,127 W/mqK, beyond the first class acoustic values, the Universal Rock slabs at high density give, both inside and outside, very high mechanical resistance characteristics.
The inner finish is realized through a plating made of plasterboard slabs. 
The external finish is realized through a 30 mm coating that give additional thermo- acoustic performances. It is possible to achieve any kind of finish with fair- faced concrete or gres, to the ventilated walls etc... 
Composite material facade panel EXTERNAL WALLS JOSS - Jendy Joss

Composite material facade panel EXTERNAL WALLS JOSS - Jendy Joss
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