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DreamLux® Decorative panel

Manufacturer DREAMLUX®

DREAMLUX® Collection
Dreamlux® fabric is born from an innovative and futuristic idea: the weaving of optical fiber.
 The textile met technology, creating design, furnishing, apparel and accessories.
 Dreamlux® is covered by 44 patents all around the world. 
It represent the Italian Excellence at its best. 
 It's enough a slight penumbra to admire the brilliance of the fabric and create an stunning atmosphere.
 We continue to create new techniques and fabric, with the goal to reach always the unexpected.

Art Light Panel


• 40x140 cm
• 80x80 cm
• 120x140 cm
DreamLux® Decorative panel DEMPSEY - DREAMLUX®

DreamLux® Decorative panel DEMPSEY - DREAMLUX®
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